Carrageenan is a Great food Additive

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When it comes to carrageenan, the internet has all kind of theories. Most of the information available on the internet shows the negative effects of carrageenan. The truth is that carrageenan is a good food additive and it is used all over the food manufacturing industry. The reason why many people talk about this natural substance negatively is that they are talking about the degraded carrageenan.

There are two types of carrageenan, the degraded as well as the food grade one. Unfortunately, many people do not know the difference between the two types and that is why there are too many misconceptions. Here are reasons to use carrageenan as a food additive:

It is natural

One thing that you must love about carrageenan is the fact that it is natural. This is a good option compared to syntheticcarrageenan food additives and colors. The food-grade additive carrageenan is a safe, natural ingredient for food. The fact that it is grown in the sea away from pesticides makes it a good choice. Carrageenan does not require farmland or even fresh water to grow.

Natural colors and flavors

Carrageenan can add natural flavors and colors to food. Marketing food is all about making sure that the food is appealing to the eye. It is believed that people start eating with their eyes. Unfortunately, many food manufacturing companies compromise the quality and safety of food by adding artificial food coloring. Using carrageenan is the only way to make your food look appealing.

Vegan dessert setting

Carrageenan is used as a good dessert setting and especially by people who have adopted a plant-based diet. The most common dessert setting used is gelatin, but unfortunately, vegans cannot use it. If you are looking for a setting that can be used by both vegans and non-vegans, then this is a great choice.

Keeping meat moist and fresh

Keeping meat moist and fresh was close to impossible before carrageenan was discovered. However, it is now possible to keep your food fresh for a long time without compromising the quality and taste. Using carrageenan has a way of enhancing the natural flavors and taste of food without affecting the quality of nutrients.

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Health benefits

Apart from preserving food and giving food a desired color, carrageenan has a lot of health benefits. It has antioxidants properties, gut healing properties and it is also effective in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.…